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Sobur Hangover Pills
Sobur Hangover Pills Sobur Hangover Pills Ingredients & Supplement Facts Sobur Hangover Cure [BBD]

$14.99 $34.99

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We have very conservative best before dates and wouldn't sell anything we weren't willing to take ourselves.  You can be rest assured this is the same quality and potency as the stock we sell on Amazon and in stores.  Expiry dates will either be this past July or this month (October), though we can't guarantee which since stock close to expiry is co-mingled.  

Any questions, please email:


1 Bottle Contains 20 Capsules ~ Good For 10 Crazy Nights

Voted the most effective hangover cure supplement by 1000's of happy customers including CEOs, students, sales execs & even doctors!

Sobur comes with an iron-clad, 'Banish Hangovers or Your Money Back' Guarantee.

Flat rate shipping within the continental US & International, no matter how many bottles you order!